Did you know if you..............

Read the Girl Scout Handbook from 1927 and you will find the recipe for
Smores!  We use to believe the term - Smores meant "some more, please",
but no one really knows for sure.

But , they weren't called Smores then, but it was the first recorded recipe
combining toasted marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers.

Did you know if you....................
Studied the life of Thomas Alva Edison, you would discover when Tom was
12 years old, he worked on the Grand Trunk Railroad as a "candy butcher"!  
Thomas Edison sold newspapers, fruit, books, and candy!  I wonder what a
candy butcher was paid.....hum.........and why did they refer to it as a

Did you know if you.........................
Read newspapers published in the late 1800's, a company, called Ganja
Wallah Hasheesh Candy Company, advertised candy made by combining
Maple Sugar and Hashish!

This well established company legally sold Candy Hashish Concoctions for at
least 40 years. Sold over the counter at pharmacies, it was advertised in
many newspapers as sweeties

Wallah sold this product for 40 years. It was sold out in the open.  It was
purchased by many consumers, in public, with no fear of the
government.............(probably because their grandparents remembered a
little tea party held in Boston and the government stayed out of peoples
business and people weren't so politically correct and neighbors weren't
sticking their freaking noses over freaking privacy fences, in your own
backyard, with that whinny screeching voice of hers asking,.........."What's
that funny looking flower growing there???"  So you run them off with a hoe
and ................ahahah.....umhump.....excuse me.............sorry, sorry,........)

Anyway.........what was I saying?..........I can't seem to recall where I
was...........O, well.....

About the hashish candy.......Do you know what this means???

This, my friends, means that the United States of America has a history of
sweet eating people who adore Maple Sugar Candies!

See, the candy........................ Is love.  Hurray for the candy~
Find great candy trivia and fun candy facts in our section about weird candies.

Fascinating uses for candy, people who loved candy, candies of the past, totally
weird candy, and everything weird about candy!

Did you know.............You can still buy Coca-Cola in a real glass bottle, made with
pure cane sugar in Mexico?  Makes me wonder why Coca-Cola won't allow us such a
luxury?  I am serious!
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Check out this site for Mexican Foods

They sell the real Coke, Coke the way it use to be in the good old days.
Made with real cane sugar, in a real glass bottle.   

I have to scream - WHAT'S UP WITH THAT COCA-COLA???!!!
Cola.......can't I have sugar too?

Mumble, mumble......"A government conspiracy, no doubt, to keep me away
from the  sugar, I love so dear,  and force me to loose weight, but whose

By the way, the Mexican Food place don't even know we are alive here at
Twisted Candies.  We don't get a dime for telling you about them.

Read about it here
www.signonsandiego.com and NBC4
People, you sweet tooth is getting the rip off.
Did you know if you.......

Go to Pontefract, West Yorkshire in July, you will find the
annual liquorice carnival! Remember to attend this festival July,

There is a liquorice queen crowned with a liquorice crown.  She
will wear liquorice clothes and bedazzled with liquorice jewels.

You can purchase a liquorice plant to take home with you.

There are Pontefract Liquorice Cakes to eat.   Little round
liquorice sweets.  Each is imprinted with a stamp of the local
castle. These royal treats have been sold in Pontefract for
hundreds of years.

There is even a liquorice cheese made here!

To read more try the
University of Leeds newsletter from Oct
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Did you know...................

Tomatoes first originated in Central America!  Mexicans were
the first to use tomatoes in their delicious dishes.  Italians
didn't start using tomatoes until the middle of the 1500's.  

Tomatoes were slow to catch on, however, as most people
in Europe were convinced tomatoes were evil and an
aphrodisiac.  Many people thought you could die from eating
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