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Sugar Candy Treats - Sugary treats

History of Candy - The twisted history of candy.

History of Candy Part Duex - Twisted candy continues with a history of candy.

Marshmallows - The twisted history of marshmallows, among other things.

Trick or Treat - The Haunting of Grandview Cemetery

Candy and the Bible - Candy and Religion

Candy Recipes - Vintage recipes fround in old recipe boxes.

Vintage Fruit Cake Recipes - More old recipes found from the past.

1950's Cake Recipes - Cake recipes found in old tins that moms use to sit atop the stove.

Celebrities Favorite - Famous candies.

Collecting Candies - Delightful information on growing candy in your own back yard.

Weird Candy Trivia - Strange and weird information about candy.

Lemon Cakes - A collection of vintage recipes for lemon cakes, pies, and all other lemon desserts.]

All Chocolate Recipes -
Recipes full of chocolate cakes.  Bits, blocks, liquids.  Like a little truffle world made of real

Strawberry Cakes - So many
strawberry cake recipes, I thought they deserved their own page.

Banana Recipes - I love banana's.  The first recipe I ever made on my own was a
banana nut bread recipe, I found in a
cook book.  It isn't offered here, because all the recipes here come from handwritten recipe.

Ice Cream Recipes - Ice cream recipes for the home ice cream mixer.  Handcranked machines were all the rage in the
1950's and 60's.  During the later part of the sixties, came the electric ice cream mixtures for the home.
A brief twisted candy's site map of things to come and things that already
Now, I am no genius, I am not really sure what a site map does, why you
need it or why anyone would care.  I have ideas, but I am not sure.  I do
know, this is a site about recipes and I am using my site map as a way for
you to know what each little page is about before you visit.  The recipes are
ones I have found in tin recipe boxes.  I have collected these recipes for
quite sometime now.  I find them everywhere, at auctions, flea markets, on
line auctions and from my relative's kitchens.  They are offered here for
free.  Sharing is good...isn't it?
Popcorn Recipes from the past - Homemade popcorn recipes from the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's.  Shaking the
pan on the stove.

Cookie Recipes -Homemade cookies recipes fro the past, when mom's actually stayed home and baked.  No
store bought goodies allowed.

Fresh Home Baked Pies - A collection of home baked pie recipes taken from vintage tin recipe boxes.
Salad Recipes - Handwritten collection of salad recipes saved from old tin recipe boxes.

Marshmallow Recipes - A description and  look at vintage recipes from the Hip-O-Lite  Marshmallow Recipe booklet.  The booklet
is for sale.

Cheese Cake and Chocolate Cakes - Old fashion recipe collection from the 1950's, 60's, and 70's.

Barbecue and Barbeque Sauces - Recipes taken from little tin recipe boxes purchased from Ebay.

Beef Dinners - Old fashion ways to cook beef, as a main course, for evening suppers.  The collection was taken from recipe
boxes purchases on Ebay.

Bread, Rolls, and Muffins - In the 1950's, 60's, and 70's, moms keep their recipes handwritten on index cards and place each
neatly in a tin box, that sat on top the stove. Here are some of them.

Casserole Dishes - Cooking supper in the middle of the last century began the famous casserole dish.

Chicken Recipes - Old recipes from tin boxes saved from utter destruction.  Ok, not so true, not utter destructions, but I am tired
of typing.  Old collection of recipes.
Carry In Dishes -  Vintage dishes carried into a function which included food.

Lunch Box Sandwich Spreads - Homemade sandwich spreads made by mom's packing school lunches.

Helpful Hints - Helpful hints from our vintage past.

Vintage Recipe Books - Old recipe books for sale on this page.

Pickles and Relishes - My Aunt Marie's and others recipes for pickles, relishes, and other pickled vegetables.
Favorite Candy Sites - Other places on the net, I like.
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