Scary Recipes from the 30's 40's, 50's, and 60's.

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Totally about vintage recipes with scary names.

You've seen them, recipes, that you just have to ask yourself..........


I have never fixed or eaten one recipe on this page and you can't make
To begin with we have

Heart Beet Salad

1 package lemon Gelatin
1 cup warm water
1 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon white pepper
1 tablespoon vinegar
1 cup beet juice
3/4 cup chopped beets
3/4 cup chopped apples

Combine and serve.
Pumpkin Cake
Dissolve gelatin in water, add salt, pepper, vinegar and beet juice.  Chill
until partially set.  Add beets and apples, pour into pan.  Chill until
firm.  Cut individual servings with heart shaped cutter.  Serve on crisp
lettuce leaf with favorite salad dressing. (Serves 6).

Made my heart skip a beet or two.
O, and Yes, I know we spell it gelatin, but in the recipe it was gelatin.
Heart Beet Salad
Old Aunt Goodie's Kiddy Soup

2 chubby children
1 boiling pot of water
3 cups chicken
2 stalks celery
2 small onions
salt and pepper to taste

Cook over medium heat for 30 minutes or until tender.

From the recipe file of the Wicked Witchie.
Found in a book entitled "To the Woods and Back"
by Hansel and Gretel.

Lately, Hansel and Gretel has been my favorite story.  My own
children could reap the enriching social benefits of a little back
woods experience.

Like a little reality show.  My children could learn responsibility,
kindness to strangers, household chores, respect for their elders,
if only I took the leap of faith that Hansel and Gretel's parents did.

Just think of the benefits for the parents, the freedom, the
peace.........HEY KIDS, Come On...... -ROAD TRIP!
Witches Soup
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Weird Candy Trivia.    Growing Candy      Rice Crispies. 12-12-2018
Breaded Calf's Brains

1 1/2 pounds calf's brains
2 tablespoons vinegar or lemon juice
2 quarts water
1 1/2 tablespoons butter
salt and pepper
Bread Crumbs

Thoroughly wash and clean calf's brains without breaking.  Plunge
them in vinegar or lemon juice and water which have been heated
to boiling.  Allow to simmer 20 minutes.  Drain, cool and dry
carefully.  Season.  Roll in very fine crumbs and fry in butter until
golden brown.

Serves 4
Scary Recipes
Read, "The Story of the Missing
Cookie Jar" by PenVampyre.  A
delightful little Christmas story
with mouthwatering  recipes for
the most wonderful time of the

Read "
Santa and the Magic Key".  
An entertaining story for the
holidays, plus recipes for your
Christmas.  A story by Robin

Read "Easter and Where NOT to
Hide Eggs"  
Memories of Easters
past and a few vintage recipes.

Logan's Halloween Story -
original story won first place in
sixth-eighth grade division of
Southeastern Middle School, 2005
by Logan Lyon.

Food and Genealogy.  A story By
Robin L. Wallace.  
Our lives, our
families, our very history's are
defined by the foods we eat.

Family Reunion Recipes.
"The Fourth of July and Other
(With Apologies to Jean Shepherd)
By Robin L. Wallace

A short story by Suellen Fry.  
Memories of my father and his
version of Kickapoojoyjuice.

Memorial Day Recipes. - "For me,
Memorial Day was the day when we
went out where relatives were
buried in the tiny, local cemeteries
and thoroughly cleaned up each
grave site, carrying away branches
that may have fallen in the

Grandma Irwin's Story of Courage
and Swit Tater Biskits Recipe