Vintage recipe booklets, pamphlets, books, and little tin recipe boxes, full of home cooking, old fashion creations of food.

This is a collection of vintage, handwritten recipes that I have gathered from little tin recipe boxes.  These recipe boxes
have been purchased from estate auctions, yard sales, thrift shops, and, even, eBay! There is never an intention to
plagiarize anyone copyrighted material.  If I have wronged anyone, please send me an email with proof and I will remove
the offending recipe.

I found these as handwritten recipes.  Passed down from generation to generation.

Most recipes are from the 50's, 60's, and 70's.  I like those decades the best. No doubt, because I was young and had
my whole life ahead of me.

Any photo, that is not my own, but taken from postcards and other advertisements are offered for sale on my vintage
website.    Once purchased, they are removed from the blog and website, unless I am describing what I have sold in the
past.  There is no
plagiarism intended.
Vintage homemade canned sweet pickles, dill beans,
corn relishes, and other cucumber jar recipes from
my Aunt Marie's personal recipe book and little tin
recipe box and some other Ladies.

She canned her pickles and relishes from the 1940's
through the 1970's when she just couldn't do it any
longer. Now her daughter has graciously allowed me
to place her recipes here.

My Aunt Marie and Uncle Arnold lived a decent drive
out in the country.  I remember as a kid, going there.  
What a playground this was. Endless blue skies.  
Ponies to ride, creeks to play in, dogs to pat, and the
best food ever in the whole wide world.

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Corn Relish from Uncle Arnold and Aunt Marie

20 ears fresh sweet corn
1 Cup Chopped sweet green peppers
1 Cup chopped sweet red peppers
1 Cup chopped onion
1 Cup chopped celery
plus 1 small head cabbage
1 T. Salt
2 1/2 T. Mustard seed
1 tsp. Celery seed
1/2 tsp turmeric
2 Cups water
2 1/2 Cups vinegar

Drop ears of corn in boiling water.  Boil 5 minutes.  Dip in
cold water. Cut kernels from cob.  Should be 10 cups corn.  
Combine corn in a kettle with the remaining ingredients and
boil for 15 minutes.  Pack hot in jars and seal

Mother's 8 pints.
Every visit, there was this hand cranked homemade ice cream maker.   Aunt Marie and my mom would
take turns putting ice and salt around the edge of the bucket while the ice cream turned inside it's
protective container.  Never a sweeter treat have I had since.

This lady was something. She could knit, crochet, sew, and quilt.  I once saw a spinning wheel once in
the attic, but I don't know about that.  I do remember the most beautiful blankets, throws, mittens,
sweaters, and scarves.

I remember one time when we were visiting, she was making butter.  I'll bet she made it more then
once, but I was given the pleasure of churning her  butter batch, out by the old pump well.

Shaded well by large trees, surrounding the whole house.  The deep water well look just like you would
imagine one.

A large round wooden structure covered with a shanty slated roof and a bucket, hanging from a rope,
in the middle. Added to the well's side was an black iron hand pump.

The water, running over my fingers, felt like velvet rushing out and fascinated me.  They would finally
yell at me to stop.

I would begrudgingly oblige and walk back to the kitchen.  Never was there a more comfortable and
homey kitchen then hers.  Bright, colorful and o, those wonderful aroma's.  Closing my eyes and
listening real hard, I can almost hear my mom's and Aunt Marie's voices chatting the day away.

My mother and father simply adored her canned relishes and pickles. I hope you will too.

I guess you have had enough of my prattle, on to the recipes.
By the way, these recipes have never been printed before.  All were handwritten in her Favorite Recipes
Book or on index cards.

Since the beginning of posting my Aunt's pickle recipes, I have found other recipes dating from the
1950's.  They came to me in a recipe box from Virginia.

Please email with any questions to
You will have to copy and paste. I need to control the Spam.



Oven canning is dangerous, don't do it ever.
Cold "sealing" or filling jars with cold pickles or preserves that are not processed is dangerous.  
Always - heat is necessary to seal jars and a water-bath canner is needed to prevent them from
Rakings of the Garden from Uncle Arnold
Cut, Slice, Dice as you like.

Small head of cabbage
Green tomatoes
Green Beans
Lima beans
Red Mangoes

Put in salt water over night.
1 Cup of salt to 1 gallon water
Add 1/2 gallon of Vinegar
1 pt. Water
4 lbs. Sugar - more if desired
2 T. Mixed spices in bag
Bring to a boil - put in jars and seal
Written on the back of the card, "Great Great Aunt Jenny
Rawlins's Relish
She was 60 years old when she gave this to me, back in 1954".

15 lbs. Green Tomatoes
3 lbs. Onions- or less
Red Mangoes - as many as desired
1/2 Cup Salt
Mix and cover with boiling water.  Let cool and drain.

1/2 Gallon Vinegar
1 Pint water
4 lbs. White Sugar
2 T. Mixed Spices in bag
1 tsp. Turmeric
Cook slowly for 1 hour.

Put in pints and seal as usual
Dill Bean Sticks

3 lbs. Fresh tender green beans
Fresh Dill
2 Cups water
2 Cups vinegar
4 T. Salt (pickling)
4 tsp Sugar

1. Wash beans - snap tips, but leave whole.  Parboil.  Cover in
unsalted boiling water in kettle 5 to 10 minutes or just until
crisply tender.
2. Lift out with slotted spoon.  Place at once in large bowl of
ice and water to cool quickly
3.  Pack beans upright in hot sterilized jars.  Place dill in each jar.
4. Heat water, vinegar, salt, sugar in to boiling in a saucepan.  
Pour into jars to fill right to rim.  Seal

(This "in to boiling in a saucepan" was not a type o.  This was
how she wrote it.  I don't know if it was a mistake on her part,
I can only type what I have.  Remember, I am not a cook and
have never made any of these recipes.  I only offer them as a
gift to those who can cook.)
Canned Pimentos

2 Cups sugar
1 Quart Vinegar
Boil 15 minutes.

Plunge pimento's in hot water.
I minute then in cold water for 10 minutes.  Put pimentos in
jars and pour vinegar over them and seal.
Sweet Pickle Sticks

9 Medium cucumbers about 4 1/2 inches
6 Cups boiling water
2 1/3 cups cider vinegar
2 1/2 Cups sugar
2 T. Salt
1 T. Celery seed
3 1/4 tsp Turmeric
3/4 tsp. Mustard Seed

Select fresh firm cucumbers. Wash and cut in strips.  Pour boiling water over
and let stand overnight.  Next day drain and pack solidly into clean jars. Combine
remaining ingredients and boil for 5 minutes.  Pour this boiling hot liquid over the
cucumbers in the jars.  Seal  Process in boiling water bath 5 minutes.
Crystal Pickles

30 to 45 medium sized cucumbers
4 Quarts water
1 Quart pickling salt
12 Cups Sugar
6 Cups vinegar
3 Tsp whole cloves
6 Sticks Cinnamon - broken in quarters
1. Make brine of water and salt in stone jar.  Wash pickles
and slice thin.  Place in salt water - cover and let stand 10
days.  (I stir every day to keep from molding) Drain off
brine and rinse pickles.  Add 3/4 box of alum to cold water
and cover pickles and let stand 24 hours.  Drain off alum
water and rinse well in clear water.  Drain well.

2. Make a syrup of sugar, vinegar, and spices.  Bring to a
boil.  Pour boiling syrup over pickles.  Let stand 24 hours.  
Drain off syrup every day for 5 days. Save.

Bring to a boil and pour back over pickles.  On sixth pack
pickles in sterilized jars.  Bring syrup to a boil and pour over
pickles. Distribute spices in jars and seal.  Don't pack pickles
to tightly.
Vintage Pickle Recipes
Old Fashioned Sweet Cucumber Pickles

From the recipe box of Mrs. Charles Andrews of Clarksburg  but she was given
the recipe by Mrs. Loman Stewart. Circa 1959

Wash cucumbers and soak 36 hours in a brine, made by adding a cup of salt to a
gallon of water.  Drain completely, cover cucumbers with boiling water.  Let set
until cool.  Drain off water and pack in sterilized jars.  Cover with the following
syrup.  For each cup of vinegar, add one cup of sugar.  Add favorite seasoning,
such as mixed spices, horseradish etc.  Bring to a boil and pour over
cucumbers.  Seal at once.
Pickled Beans from Mrs. Johanna Fittro of Clarksburg,
West Virginia - circa 1950's

After the beans have been strung, broken and washed, put in a
large vessel and cook until a bean taken between the thumb and
forefinger mashes easily, but do not over cook until the bean is
mushy.  Drain water off beans and wash with cold water until
water is clear.   The beans should be cold by this time.

Pour 1/2 gal. Cold water in the bottom of a stone jar with 1/2
cup salt.  Put in 2 gals. Cooked beans and press down firmly
with hands.  Keep adding 2 gals. Beans and 1/2 cup salt until all
the beans are used.  No more water is needed.  Keep beans
firmly packed with palm of hands.

Spread a cloth over beans, tucking edges down around sides
and weight down with a large weight which comes near the
edges of the jar.  Cover jar.  Can in 7 days.  To can pack cold
in sterilized jars and seal tight.  Two bushels of nice full beans
makes 8 gals.
Grandma's Bread and Butter Pickles
That's me, the little one helping my
Grandmother hoe her flower garden.

Over there? Yea, that's me too, with
my mom.  That was 1970 something.
This recipe was called Corn Salad, it was in my grandmother's recipe box.

Bet you never thought I would get around to her recipes, did you?
She use to can all her vegetables in her basement.  It was set up for this with
an old sink, several large 50's chrome tables, a table from the 40's, an old gas
stove from the 50's and a variety of canning equipment.  Its all still sitting there

She passed away several years ago at the age of 103.  The stories she could
tell. Anyway, here is the recipe.

Corn Salad
18 ears of corn
1 head of cabbage
7 onions
3 peppers
1/2 cup of sugar
1/2 cups of whole mustard
1/2 cups of salt
Boil twenty minutes
Vinegar - 2 quarts
Finish as usual.
Gramdpa made Bread n Butter Pickles
This is a photo of my grandfather and me. He lived in a
little tar paper shack down the toe path a piece from my
grandmother's house.  See his funny little shack there?

To this day, I have no idea why they had separate living
arrangements. It never seemed polite to ask and as I was
a little thing, I took for granted this was normal.  The
only thing I can rightly figure, is divorce wasn't an
option, so they lived in different houses on the same
property.  They had thirteen children, though not all lived
to adulthood, so I ain't sure about the divorce thingy

I don't remember much about my grandfather, as he
passed away when I was still a small child.  He must
have been much older then my grandmother, because
she lived till I was twenty-something.

Yet, there are a couple things which, to this day, I do
remember. First, he was very funny and I remember
laughing a lot when ever he was around.

Second, he made bread and butter pickles in a big
wooden barrel.  The barrel sat right in the middle of his
sack and the pickling fragrances mingled with a smoky
aroma from the wood burner.  I remember those aroma's
and when ever my nose is filled with either fragrance, I
think of my grandfather, way back then.

Bread and butter pickles are my favorite of all pickles.
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