Candies from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's.
One of my favorite cereals, when I was a kid was Kellogg's Rice Krispies, along with
Tony the Tiger's Frosted Flakes.  These two cereals bring back wonderful memories
of my childhood.

I did a little research and thought I would pass some of the information along to you.

I am a collector of stuff and was ecstatic to find my absolute favorite childhood
commercial.  This is soooo cute!
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Frankly I loved all the Kellogg's Cereal Brands during the 50's and 60's.  You
could just be a kid then, no worries, no pressure, and no problems.
Cereal's come with little prizes, fun cut outs on the back, contest to enter, hero's to
worship, and no one, I mean, no one cared about the sugar content.  Yea, for the

These took me back to my mom's Rice Krispy Treats.  She use to bake these
crunchy sweet gooey squares made with Kellogg's Rice Crispy Treats.

I thought my mom was a genius for inventing this candy like concoction.

Much to my surprise, when I was researching the history of the Rice Krispy Treat,
I discovered it was Malitta Jensen and Mildred Day, were the inventors of Rice
Krispy Treats and not my mom!  How Twisted Is That!

Here is how it happened:

Kellogg's had created Rice Crispy cereal in 1928 and it was fine as far as cereals
go, but in 1939, when Mildred and her friend Malitta needed an idea to help their
Campfire Girls raise money, they put their heads together and a new delicious food
was invented.  It was Rice Crispy Treats!

Most inventions are built on what has come before and this new  treat was no

There was a book, called
It's fun to Cook, by Lucy Mary Maltby.  Written in
1938, on page 220, a recipe called "Puffed Wheat Squares" was written.  The
ingredient list included butter, sugar, molasses, puffed wheats, and vinegar.  There
is a photo of the Puffed Wheat Square that looks amazingly like Rice Crispy
Treats.  It is on page 219, if you care to look.

Even farther back in 1916 a domestic science cooking notebook from New York
City included a recipe for Puffed Rice Brittle using about the same ingredients.

It just goes to show using imagination, a little ingenuity, and a need to make a buck
will take you a long way from where you started.  It made
Mildred Day somewhat
famous!  You're reading about her here, aren't you?

I know, I'll use my imagination and spin a tall tale here - In the summer of 1939, in
or around the town of Battle Creek, Michigan, Mildred Day and Malitta Jensen
sipped their evening coffee in Malitta's kitchen. Sitting at the red Formica and
chrome kitchen table, wearing their best 1930's
Blondie Bumstead dresses, they
discussed the upcoming
Campfire Girls troop's annual bake sale .
Rice Crispy Squares
Campfire Marshmallows 1940's
I have a box of Campfire
Marshmallows on top a shelf in
the kitchen.
This photo hangs in my
kitchen.  It brings back great
memories of happy time.  The
whole family sitting around the
kitchen table, eating breakfast.  
Rice Krispies was my favorite.
My rice crispy post card.
My Rice Crispy post card.  My mom
bought the post card when we visited
Battle Creek, Michigan on a vacation.  I
can't remember if it was the late 50's or
60's.  I remember the food.
My Tony the Tiger lunch box.
This was either one of mine or
my sister's lunch box.  I recently
found it out in the old house. I
love a good treasure hunt!
Cool Beans!
My favorite Rice Krispies, black and white commercial, ran a whopping 59
seconds.  Click the pointy play thingy above.
Click here for your favorite eBay items
Rice Crispies
Now I am not the finest story teller around and if you are looking for
facts, you need to follow the above links.

Trivia - First recipe for Rice Krispies Treats appeared on a 1941 cereal
Trivia - In 1940 Kellogg's trademarked the name Rice Krispies Treats
Trivia - Rice Krispies Treats were homemade until January 15, 1995
Trivia - Follow this link for a
great history of the Rice Krispies Treats
Trivia - Mildred Day graduated Iowa State University in 1928
Trivia -  That same year, February 29, 1928, Kellogg's started producing
Rice Krispies Cereal
But I have to say, Kelloggs
really caring about their
employees is important.  
Not many companies will
do that.  Kelloggs is one of
my favorite companies.
Just then, Mildred's eyes spied a box of Campfire Marshmallows (Campfire Marshmallows
came in boxes during the 1940's and would have been a staple of a Campfire Girls) on the
kitchen counter and a light bulb went off in her head.

It would be a great gimmick at the bake sale.

Campfire Marshmallows combined with the town's leading employer's product.  It was a sure
fire hit.

What if, she said, what if we use my companies Rice Krispies and the Campfire
Marshmallows.  Yea, used rice crispies and marshmallows together sort of like Smores,
without the chocolate and graham crackers.

So, right then and there, they melted some marshmallows, added some butter, then stirred in
rice crispies and developed their packaging.  They used a common 1940's candymaking
trick.  They lined a brownie pan with wax paper, the 1940's version of Teflon, poured the
mixture in and let it cool, removing the paper,  then cut in perfect squares.  Wrapped in Saran
Wrap, tied with a little ribbon, they were ready to blow the competition out of the water.

And that is how the Rice Crispy Treat were invented................. in my imagination.
Wrestling with this dilemma, Malitta noted they would certainly need something
different this year.  Not the same old chocolate chip cookies everyone else would be
offering.  No, they needed real money this year.

Holding her coffee cup in both hands and letting the coffee's aroma tickle her nose,
Mildred remarked how grand it would be if they could somehow use her company's
products.  Just about everyone in town was loyal to the Kellogg company and would
do everything to support it's sales.  After all, during the 1930's, Kellogg didn't lay off a
single employee, investing money in people instead and sales only increased as a result
and during the 1940's, when other companies fell by the wayside,
Kellogg's supplies
K-rations for the boys overseas. Those boys were back now and loyal to the
company.  Sure, the town would buy snacks made with her companies products.

Malitta said she had an old recipe for Puffed Rice Brittle, but didn't like the sticky
molasses used or the vinegar, they would need something else.
Vintage breakfast memories
I was checking my recipe site today and
noticed searchers looking for a history of Rice
Krispy Treats.

Memories of my childhood came flooding back.

Snap, Crackle and Pop were among my
favorite commercial buddies in the 1950's.  
Snap, Crackle and Pop sang their jingle with
energy and jazz.    Commercials during the
1950's were much longer then today's.

I loved Snap the Baker, Pop the Soldier, and
Crackle the Band Leader.  I remember dancing
around like a crazy fool during that commercial
Ah, the good old days and the
I want to go home...don't you?
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