I will add more about famous people and candy as I find it.
Famous Twisted Candies and Sweets

From the Big Screen to the Small Screen, from Horror and Sci-Fi to Real Reality, candy has been at the
center of the universe.

Below lie the Celebrities candy picks, politicians sweet tooth favorites, and the infamous preferred candy
treats of the past, present, and future.
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Everyone loves candy and
we mean everyone, from
polities, to movie stars, to
criminals on death row!

Find out who sucked on
what, who loved chewing
gum, who is and who isn't
the whose who of the
sweetest of treats!
Let's see......how to start......

Marie Antoinette, born 1755, died 1793 loved cake.

Now, Marie loved cake so much, she proclaimed everyone in her kingdom should eat cake!

Unfortunately for her, not all the people living in France, at that time felt the same way about
cake.....believe it or not, some of those people actually hated cake.

At the very mention, by Marie, that they should eat cake tempers flared to a boil.  One thing
lead to another and well, a whole revolution started......just over cake.

Ok, the above was a little twisted...sorry, if you want to know the real story of Marie
Antoinette, it isn't here.
Marie Antoinette Loving Cake
She loved the cake!
Marie Antoinette
lost her head over
Who doesn't love cake, cherries, whip
cream, sugar, candy..........ahhh.......back
in a moment..............
The year was 1973 and television then is fondly
remembered now as "retro".

Telly Savalas starred in "Kojak".

Best remembered for his role as this tough New
York City detective,
Telly Savalas .  Kojak always
had a sucker in hand.  

This was my Dad's favorite tv show.  I have fond
memories of the whole family sitting down to watch
Candy has long been a part of film and television history.  Candy has starred in eveything from horror films
to politics.

But you can't mention candy and retro television without talking about the famous tv show with Lucy Ricardo
and Ethel Mertz - "The Candy Factory"
The most famous use of chocolate
candies was an "I Love Lucy" episode
during 1952.
The charactor's signature line, "Who loves
ya?," debuted in the first season.  Mr. Savalas
used a lollipop as a prop.  Very smart touch.

Who is to say without lollipops, Kojak would
have become one of the best remembered
detective series during the 70's.
My sister has the I Love Lucy candy bar.  This candy bar is so old, it's hard as a rock, but she is such a fan of
Lucille Ball, that you might be tortured for the mere mention of disposing the aging bar.

Lest not forget her lithograph - My sister the Lucy freak.
But here is something she doesn't have, the I Love Lucy Salt and Pepper Shakers, do I hear present?
That reminds me..........A couple of famous explorers loved candy bars
sooooooo much, that they took the "Baby Ruth" candy bar with them to
the North and South Pole.

In 1927, the famous McMillian took the candy bar to the north pole and in
1929, Richard Byrd munched "Baby Ruths" while lumbering around the
south pole.

The best way to eat a candy bar is frozen!

Did you mean, I should be frozen or the candy bar?  Does any of this make
any sense?

No?, I didn't think so.............
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Among the most famous candy are the M & M's characters.

First sold to the public in 1941, it is thought that the idea came to
Mr. Forrest Mars during a visit to Spain.  

He saw the locals eating little pieces of chocolate covered with a
hard sugar coating.  He brought the idea back to the U.S.

It wasn't until 1954, however that the famous charactors were

In 1960 they made a few improvements, adding color to the sugar
coating, and along with a fantastic advertising campaign, creating
a favorite candy.

Here is a commercial from the
1980 for M&M's, but I haven't found
an earlier one yet.
If you love Zero's, Sugar Daddy's,
and candies you don't see anymore,
this is a great place to find them.
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