Twisted Candies
Candy in History Part Deux
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Bee Collecting Nectar to
make Honey
First candy maker, "Man's sweet tooth has
been around since the beginning of time.

The first lollipop was discovered by
prehistoric man, did you know that?

Second candy maker, "Bla, Bal, bla bla bla bl
bl b b

irst candy maker, "Stop that."
First candy maker, "In 1893, to be exact, the
Rueckheim brothers hit the jackpot with their
molasses, peanuts, and popcorn
recipe............remember Cracker Jacks?
Second candy maker, "The British passed the
Sugar Act in 1760, forcing Americans to sooth
their sweet teeth with molasses.  Even
though the Sugar Act lowered the tax on
sugar, bla, bla, bla.....

First candy maker, "The end result was maple
candies and some angry colonist smugglers,
who could no longer profit from the high
paying black
market sugar trade."
Second candy maker, "People
everywhere were angry over
the high taxes.......1792 saw
the riot in Paris over soap,
candles, and sugar.

First candy maker, "Really, a
riot over candles and soap
and sugar?
"  First candy
maker shakes head at
Second candy maker.

First candy maker continues, "The Molasses Act of 1733 really dampened
the colonist spirits, by resulting in the disappearance of rum!  

The cost of rum skyrocketed, with sugar being taxed higher then a
giraffe's as*.  No rum drinking for Americans.
First candy maker, "The lack of rum, no
doubt, stunned George Washington, as rum
was his preferred booze. O, and a little
preferred wine, too.

George was so enthused with everyone
having their share of spirits, he demanded
alcohol be purchased for the Continental
Army in 1777.  The records do so reflect.
Second candy maker grins.  "Back to our story.
really should be a blog, don't you think?"
Second candy maker, "People back then drank, and drank,
and drank!

They had cider and punch for lunch, rum and brandy before
dinner, port and sherry at dinner, then punch and liquors
while smoozing the ladies.

O, lets not forget, they drank wine and punch right up till

Dang, dudes could handle their liquors.  They drank and hand

wrote a Constitution."
Second candy maker,
George wasn't the only
Founding Father to indulge
in a little boozing from time
to time.

Ben, you remember
Benjamin Franklin? Guy
liked to fly kites.

Well, Ben said, "
Beer is
living proof that God love us
and wants to see us

Atta a boy, Ben!

Tom recorded, " Wine was
necessary for life".  Ah, no
doubt, Thomas had the old
plantation of Monticello
Second candy maker nods, "Tom, George, John, Ben, pretty much
all the sons of liberty, kickin it in the City Tavern.

The year was 1774,  the First Continental Congress was meeting
and greeting and boozing.

No wonder they dressed up like Indians and threw tea off of
boats, into the harbor!

God love each and every one of them!  Hoist the tankards!
First candy maker, "Well, thank our lucky stars and stripes, the
British finally gave up, went home, and rarely bothered us
again.  So we were free to get on with our candy making.
Honey Bee
Ben Franklin
Ben Franklin in the newspaper
Kicking the British dudes out of the country.
Boston Tea Party
Molassas Tax 1733
Red cheeks - George Washington
Rum Smugglers
Fitst candy maker, "Rum was made
from Molasses

Rum smuggling made good money.
Second candy maker, "Red
cherries and red cheeks, Georgie
had a few drinks
Ben liked to fly kites.
First candy maker, "Now for the Boston Tea Party."
Second candy maker, "Kicking the
British dudes out of the country.  
There was not another invasion by
the British, until the Beatles in
Second candy maker continues, "The British tried to commit highway robbery
with their constant tax increases and punishments for those who couldn't

Somewhere around 1776, we were frustrated beyond belief.

Taxes!  War!

You might as well tax us on how many w
indows we have!  Or over charge
us for gasoline, so we can't afford our big SUV's!
Second candy maker, "What?  Are you talking
to me?"
Second candy maker clears throat.  "O, that's right.....history.....candy.
1st candy maker, "Pissss..."
"Yes, you're off topic.  "   
Second candy maker, "Indeed, I remember Cracker Jacks.  Ok, we have to go.  I mean, really,
Moses, smell the roses,
candy don't make itself."
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