The Supreme Court passes laws.
The Egyptians had candy!

Not the kind you would think of today, but they had
honey, nuts, and fruit which they mixed together with a
flour paste. Then they baked it.
Caveman found that stabbing a beehive resulted in a honey coated stick. (Not to mention a few angry bees.)
First things first, he made a swift bee escape, then he stopped and eyed his stick.

Shrugging his shoulders, he gave it a lick!

That was the start of a sweet revolution. For the next few hundred years, the world was coated with a honey

And we have found artistic depictions in caves, on pyramids, carved into Aztecs ruins, and other old dingy places
showing little green men, in flying saucers, sucking on lollipops.

Ok, so we don't really know if the above is true, ok, actually, I made most of that up, but what we do know is
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The ancient Chinese loved sweet candy treats!

The legend says that well over 2000 years ago in the ancient land of
China, lived an Emperor who loved the sweet stuff.

The palace chef, who was very smart and very good with his hands,
learned how to spin sugar.  He would spin thousands of silvery
strands from wheat germ sugar and make his famous "Dragon's
Beard" candy right in front of the Emperor's court and guest.

This brought great delight to everyone who attended the royal feast.
Not long after man discovered honey
tasted so good, he found much to his
delight, sugar cane.

We know sugar cane was cultivated in
ancient China, India, Persia, and most of
Asia by 500 A.D.
Alexander the Great found sugar cane when he was conqurering the
known world.

He thought it tasted so good, he called it the "Sacred Reed" and had it
transported home to his Mediterranean countries.

People like it so much they started growing sugar cane everywhere.
They varied their candy recipes and created new tasty
treats using corn and wheat.

Some Egyptians, of the time, would also be able to
afford imported foods such as, coconuts, cinnamon,
peaches, and cherries.

Plus, dates, apples, figs, and raisins were abundant in
the area.
The best Egyptian candy was
saved for the gods and Pharaohs
- marshmallows and licorice.  We
know this because we found
marshmallow and licorice treats
in the Pharaohs tombs.

The Ancient Egyptians had the
ovens and tools to make pies
and cakes too! Think of the
chewy tasty treats made from all
of the above ingredients.
This was discovered by
reading papyri, a sort of
ancient Egyptian paper,
which dated back to 2000
B.C.  Also, the tombs
showed hieroglyphics of
the ancient Egyptians
making their candies from
honey.  Different shapes
were molded from the
mixtures.  They even left
hieroglyphics of recipes!  
See our recipe section to
try some ancient Egyptian
candy treats.
You just can't keep a secret like sugar cane to yourself
Soon the buzz, about
sugar, was everywhere!

Sugar tasted so good, the
Crusaders brought it back
to Europe with them
around 1100 A.D.
Honey Jar
Honey Bear
Blonds love candy...and
redheads...and brunetts....and
boys love girls!
Bee Collecting Nectar to make
Man's sweet tooth has
been around since the
begining of time.

The first lolipop was
discovered by prehistoric
man, did you know that?
Flies Love Sugar!
Egyptian confections!
After the Crusaders and the Venetians, Marco Polo
traveled the "Silk Road" to China in the 13th
century.  He reported the importation of refined
sugar to Venice, in his written records.

He delighted in travel and exploration, so much so
that it took him 24 years to complete his journey.  
Just think, cars weren't invented yet, so for
twenty-four years he traveled by riding horses,
camels, and elephants.
Ok, so it wasn't exactly the Caped was the Medieval
Crusaders.  They looked a bit more like this...
Columbus sailing the seas!
The Vikings discovered it much earlier, but had bad
press agents. The word never got out.
Traveling the Silk Road by Camel
Columbus started a small sugar cane farm in
the Caribbean's.  Sugar cane grew better
there, then anywhere else in the world.
So did the ruling governing bodies of the time.......the
elitist........they developed a taste for the sweet stuff
too.......the sugar tax money.
Venetian Candy Merchants
The Lap of Luxury
The next 400 years saw only the very rich
enjoying the luxury of sugar candies, while
those of us who weren't rock stars, movie
stars, royalty, or politicians had to make do
with stealing honey from the bees.
And everywhere, on every Continent all the people
developed a taste for the sweet stuff.
Columbus and his crew had  good public relations
officers, so he received the history credit.
Glamorous Movie Star Sugared

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Sugar Cane
Honey Jar
Honey Bear
Blonds love Candy
Flies eat sugar.
Sugar Cane
Alexander adored candy.
Alex, baby!
The Cape Crusaders ate candy.
Medieval Crusaders
Candy Traders
The very Rich.
Sugar Sugar Lipstick
Camel Candy Traders
Camel humor.
Sailing the ocean blue.
Vikings discovering America
How sweet it is!
A candy Congress.
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