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My mom's recipes.
Think about it.  My father took the time to go beyond a cup of kool-aid. I can picture the wheels
turning in his head as he wondered how he could amuse and entertain the children who were pulling
on mom's apron string (literally) and needed some amusement. After all, wasn't he the story teller?
Wasn't he the creative one? And so it came to be
, the invention of this miraculous juice! As a mom I
appreciate what dad did for his children. He stopped for a moment and thought of us. I know how
busy dad was. He traveled the world to put food on the table while mom tried to keep a sane mind
with 8 children! So, while he was home he did what he did best!  
He tried to give mom a break by
amusing us!

Pretty soon the word got around. Hey did you know that the Fry's have this way cool juice called
Kickapoo, kickopoo, oh I don't remember the whole name but this stuff is good! After some time the
whole neighborhood knew that if they visited our house, it was a safe bet they could experience this
awesome tasting drink!

After a few years the novelty wore off. The kids grew up and for awhile no one heard the name of
this famous juice mentioned. Until~ we had kids of our own. And as tradition would have it~
Kickapoojoy Juice was famous once again!

As I sit here and pluck away at the keyboard a warm feeling floods my heart. Do you know what that
is? It's more than just the juice my dad invented. It
's a feeling that's almost indescribable. It's
tradition. Tradition that is carried down to our kids and will be carried down to our grandchildren. It
a life time of love that no one can take away. It
's our memories. And these memories are ours to
keep~forever. Every time you bake a cake or throw some cookies in the oven, take a minute and
think~who taught you to bake these delicious treats. Everything we do has a memory connected with
it. And that includes a simple drink invented by a man over 40 years ago~ Kickapoojoy Juice!

Take the time with your children. Bake a cake, or show then how to make a special dish. I promise
you this~ it will mean something to them, much more than you
'll ever know.

Written by Suellen Fry
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My Family's Story of
Kickapoojoy Juice
by Suellen Fry


To my dad:
Thank you. Thank-you for Kickapoojoy Juice. Thank-you for creating
memories that will last a life time!
Growing up in the Fry house meant that there were going to be surprises!  
My father was a great story teller. But behind his creative imagination was
more than just a story or two. For you see, my dad had the ability to make
the most scrumptious treats. And along with those scrumptious treats was
his most famous invention:  Kickapoojoy Juice! Okay I know what you're
thinking. Kickapoo what? But take a room full of kids (there were 8 in my
family) and a creative dad and what do you get? You get more than a pitcher
full of kool-aid. You get much more than a simple glass of lemonade. So,
exactly what is this fun concoction my dad brewed up for us over 40 years
ago? Quite simply: Kool-Aid mixed with pink lemonade!
I am taken back in time when I even hear the name
mentioned~Kickapoojoy Juice! I am taken back to
simpler days. Days when we played outside on a
warm summer's day. I remember lying in the grass
and watching a family of ants as they prepared for
their next feast. I remember feeling the sun's
tender rays as they kissed my glistening cheeks.

I remember running in the house for something
cold to drink. And there was my dad brewing up
his famous invention. That's a memory that will
linger in the cob-webs of my mind~forever! It
might not seem like a big deal to the average
person. But to this nostalgic girl~it means
Here we are!
We want Kickapoojoy Juice!
Although not the same as the recipe above the real commercial Kickapoo Joy
Juice was first marketed in 1965 by the Monarch Company, they still make
Kickapoo Joy Juice today and you can find it by following the link.

Kickapoo Joy Juice was made famous by the cartoonist Al Capp with his
comic strip Li'l Abner.  Every family with children had their own version of
Kickapoojoy juice from about 1937 through 1977, as long as the comic strip
appeared in newspapers everywhere.

Don't you just miss those days?
Vintage baby and mother, circa 1940 something.
1950's Ballerinas