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Growing Candy in your Own Back Yard or
Peppermint, with its small lilac blossoms, is a hardy perennial, that can be
grown in most everyone's back yard, although I would suggest that you
be careful where you plant it, as it has a habit of taking over everything.  
Guess it is the mafia ganster of herbs.

Yet, the aroma that is released by brushing your hand over the leaves
can be intoxicatingly delicious!

If you want to add a plant to your home that smells wonderful, when you
brush by, try growing peppermint.  It is an easy indoor plant to grow,
just keep it clipped. This easy to grow plant will survive most anywhere.

Harsh winters don't seem to bother this plant, neither does hot
summers.  Peppermint like to be grown in partial shade.

Peppermint has many aliases, names such as lamb mint, mint lady, or
brandy mint.  But what ever it calls itself these days, you can rest
assured that peppermint is tasty as always.

The flowering tops and leaves are used to derive peppermint oil, a sweet
flavoring used in many drinks, including hot tea.

My personal favorite peppermint plants were the chocolate peppermint,
pineapple peppermint, and spearmint.

Wanted to let you know, that I saw a girl selling "sage wands" on ebay
the other day.  She was getting 14.00 for 10 sage sticks.  Amazing!  See
you can make money from your own backyard.  I know, sage isn't candy,
but it was making money, so I thought it was worth a mention.
Peppermint Candies are made from
Peppermint Oils
You can grow your own peppermint in
your home or garden.
Growning Rock Candy
Now, we are not going to
pretend that we know
everything about making
rock candy at home. but
we will tell you that it is
going to be fun.  Just
remember you need an
adult to help, as boiling
water is required and can
be very dangerous.  So
make sure there is an
appropriate adult minded
individual there to
Growning Candy Corn
There is a plant called Candy Corn, or
Cuphea micropetala, if you prefer.  
The plant has little tube like blossoms
colored like candy corn, hence the

A very cool way to grow some candy
in your yard, but remember it is not
for you to eat this plant! This plant is
for Butterflies.  Butterflies love candy

You can find a candy corn plant to
plant in your candy garden or  ask,
Buterfly Gardens by Robyn on Ebay.  
From what I can find out about the
Candy Corn plant, it is difficult to find.

Just thought we would try to help
you out a little.
Making Rock Candy
Candy Corn Plant
Growing Peppermint Candy
Growing Peppermint
Growing Rock Candy
Growing Candy Corn
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