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Vintage Recipe Books 1.
Vintage Recipe Books 2
Coconut Recipe Booklet - 1948
Vintage Molasses Booklet
Old Pillsbury Booklets.
Vintage Hersheys Recipe Booklet
1930's Metropolitan Cook Book.
Good Cookie Art.
Chocolate Recipes
Read, "The Story of the Missing Cookie Jar"
by PenVampyre.  A delightful little Christmas
story with mouthwatering  recipes for the most
wonderful time of the year!

"Santa and the Magic Key".  An
entertaining story for the holidays, plus recipes
for your Christmas.  A story by Robin Wallace.

Read "Easter and Where NOT to Hide Eggs"  
Memories of Easters past and a few vintage

Logan's Halloween Story -The original story
won first place in sixth-eighth grade division of
Southeastern Middle School, 2005 by Logan Lyon

Food and Genealogy.  A story By Robin L.
Wallace.  Our lives, our families, our very
history's are defined by the foods we eat.

Family Reunion Recipes.
"The Fourth of July and Other Disasters"
(With Apologies to Jean Shepherd)
By Robin L. Wallace

A short story by Suellen Fry.  
Memories of my
father and his
version of Kickapoojoyjuice.

Memorial Day Recipes - "For me, Memorial Day
was the day when we went out where relatives
were buried in the tiny, local cemeteries and
thoroughly cleaned up each gravesite, carrying
away branches that may have fallen in the

Grandma Irwin's Story of Courage and
Tater Biskits

Homemade Remedies Recipes - Recipes our
grandparents used from a poultice, mustard
plasters, gargles and paste.

Thanksgiving Day recipes and story from the

College Foods and Other Mistakes I Have Eaten.
Vintage grocery store pricing.